art yarns in action

The most common question I hear when spinners are showing off their art yarns is:

"What can you make with that?"

Sure, there are some simple answers: scarves are the most common suggestion perhaps, but I have recently stumbled onto some really amazing knitted and crocheted projects that clearly required out-of-the-box thinking.  Of course, if you're looking for a project to knit/crochet with your art yarns, you'll have to wait for another post where I'm assembling a list of patterns. These projects are one-of-a-kind works of art, and the responsible fiberistas are nothing short of visionary, and I'd hate to see any of them get ripped off.

When I first started searching for artful knits, I really wanted to find a garment large enough for an adult, which of course requires gobs and gobs of spinning. Gaby / Wool Shepherdess has an Etsy shop where she sells her own artsy handspun yarns along with some of the loveliest sweaters I've ever seen, AND batts!

"Handknitted shrug with many different handspun art yarns" by WoolShepherdess

Next up, a unique wrap by hannahariesThis wrap incorporates handspun, recycled materials, and commercial novelty yarns, and looks like an instant wearable fiber party.  You're really going to want to see every angle of this wrap- there's a surprising twist!
"Mediterranean Sea" by hannaharies

For years, I've admired the final artist of this gushy post. Heather / girlwithahook creates freeform crochet caps (and brooches and headbands) out of her own handspun yarn along with yarn from other spinners.  Everything in her shop is on my Christmas wish list, especially this one:
"Blush Coils" freeform crochet hat by girlwithahook

I think the thing I love most about her hats is the form that they take on. Her freeform work looks like the yarn just looped itself into the form it desired, organically and effortlessly.

I've got a whole list of other great art yarn finished objects that I've found out there, and will have to post them a little at a time.

PS. Dear Santa, I'll take any/all of the above.

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