thinking of June

If I could bypass Summer entirely, I would. But because I can't, and because this barn heats up like a pressure cooker, I intend on distracting myself from the heat with cool luscious veggie fibers, spinning at sun-down on the balcony, and plenty of home-made mojitos. Iggy loves the outdoors, so I imagine many early mornings with the baby swing under the giant maple, or dodging fallen walnuts in the backyard.

I'm also looking forward to a new batch of fibers for the website- mohair for wispy batts, baby suri alpaca (yum!), milk silk, and my very first bump of Polwarth.  I'll be selling un-dyed fibers again soon, along with fresh hand-painted top- bamboo and bast bamboo, perhaps?

I've been taking the past couple of weeks "off," in a way.  I returned from MDSW with a new perspective and a list of home projects to work on, so aside from carding the May HobbledeCLUBs, I haven't been giving my carders or wheels any love at all.  After a weekend of knitting, I should be back in the saddle with my new colorways/products/surprises in the works.  The first project on the to-do list is one I'm really looking forward to:  the June HobbledeCLUB!

I had so much on my plate with festival preps, that I completely neglected offering the May HobbledeCLUB to anyone but subscribers (and I think they'll love this month's treat!), but June is inspired by Garden Parties.  It's available for pre-order now, and will be shipping during the first two weeks of June.

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