before the wheel

It's gloomy and muggy and noisy outside today, and I'm starting the week off with a couple of hours at the wheel with an icy glass of freshly brewed lychee tea.  Here's the BEFORE pics of the art yarns I'm dreaming of:

This collection of lovely fluff includes GnomeGarden batt, roving from Feederbrook Farm, a batt I received in a swap, and some dark dark spruce Border Leicester locks that I dyed last week.

Wait wait, there's more fluff to be spun!

This fluff'splosion is a leftover hodgepodge of wool from a carding session and mohair and wool locks from my stash. 

While I was searching for crazy stuff to spin, I found a full box of woolies that didn't get unpacked from MDS&W festival, and I suppose I must have thought the box contained my personal yarn stash or baby clothes... either way, it's a goldmine!  I have a dozen 2 oz. bags of loose-ish novelty fibers and carding leftovers- these were a huge hit at the Festival (I sold two dozen!)  I'll be sure to upload those fibers into the shop tonight- 2 oz. of crazy luscious fibers goes a long way towards creating an art yarn when paired stash leftovers or stray batts.

I've also given more thought to some "Storybook" colorways, and started a pin board to keep track of inspirations.

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