I haven't spun for anything but a few Yarn Clubs in AGES!  It felt so good this week to plunk myself down at the wheel and crank out over a dozen yarns.  Here's some yarn pr0n, for those who are curious.

I listed them in my shop, and am planning a few more out to spin next week.

I keep making businessy plans like launching my own dot.com, starting a newsletter, and doing more promotions, but I never seem to follow through.  I keep blaming baby, but maybe I need to just stay up later or get up earlier.  Hah!  No more excuses this summer- my Mum has offered to watch Ingrid for two days a week while she's out of school (she helps teach in a toddler Montessori classroom), and I can't wait to build up stock and finally accomplish some goals.  I feel like my business has started to slip away from me, between decreased work time to feeling out of touch with the fibery community at large since I'm rarely online.  Also, my husband has been out of work since January when the company he worked for closed down nearly half its business, which has made life a little trickier.  Poor fella spends a good 40 hours a week job searching on top of maintaining his own little business selling rare and out of print media, but he's a terrific supporter of my business, sharing the baby and house duties equally with me.  Thank heavens we live in a rural cheap-ish area where we can squeak by using the internet as a business platform!

Oh, and my little Ingrid seems HUGE! We just celebrated her half-birthday with presents and cake.
I can't wait for her 6 month check-up when we find out how tall and chubby she is!  She's been measuring in the 15th percentile, but I'm sure that won't be for too long.  Her personality cracks me up, and she LOVES story time and getting tickled.  She especially loves it when we sing silly songs to her, and tries to sing along with her crazy Yoko Ono style.