after the wheel

Here's the AFTER pics of the lovely blue jumble of fiber from Monday's post.

The Border Leicester locks were shorter than I had anticipated, so I ended up carding them on top of some other random fibers.  This yarn was spun waaaay bulkier than I'm accustomed to, and it filled my Lendrum's bulky bobbin.  

And here's the pink/red yarn:

They're both due to debut in my shop this weekend during my next update, probably Saturday night.

One final art yarn, a super-coily spin containing little bits of this and that from a fiber swap at MDSW:

Whew!  That's about all the yarn I can take in a day before one of my knees starts to feel like it's about to explode.  I believe I'll keep up with these artsy spins over the summer, a little at a time. Batts, especially some crazy new art batts, are on my horizon, now that I've ordered a Mad Batt'r Drum Carder.  I'm excited to be able to have two ends of the batty spectrum available in my shop: super-smooth RolyBatts (available now!) and crazy textured ones (mid-June).

Later today, I'm going to be uploading a few woolies into my empty Etsy shop. I made quite a few duplicate sets/batts/painted tops in preparation for MDSW, and also because many spinners enjoy having larger quantities of each colorway... but lately, only a few orders have been for large quantities of any particular colorway, so I'm splitting a few colorways up.  Of course, if you order from both sites over the course of 48 hours, I'll combine shipping charges and refund you the difference.

HOLYMOLY, I forgot to mention, one of my art yarns from YEARS ago has made it into an art show!  I'll be sure to post more details as I find them out. I can't believe I've been doing artsy spins on and off for years, since 2006, to be exact.

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