supah smooth

My SuperCard creates huge intimidating batts (which are surprisingly light).  It has taken me two years to figure out whether or not I wanted to sell whole batts right off of "the Beast," and I think I finally found a method to create well-blended batts without over-blending.  I've listed large batts only once before, and the photography was dreadful, so I'm going to give it another whirl after building a platform large enough to let these batts expand and show off their facets.


 I'm so tickled with these batts.  They're such an easy spin for finer yarns - just buy two batts for a larger project and ply them (or stripe) together.  A single batt is enough for a simple cap.

Tonight, I'm core-spinning one of these lovelies and adding in random bursts of hand-dyed Border Leicester locks... if I can stay awake at the wheel, that is.

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