bookish nights and spinspirations

Tomorrow I'm officially using my work hours to work.  I've needed a brain holiday from thinking too hard about wool in order to avoid batty-burn-out, and couple that with some pretty rotten toddler tantrums... somebunny please, pass me a cocktail.

Over at the HobbledeBarn over the last week, I've:
- adopted a one-eyed baby box turtle named Tuck and built him a simple (but large) home.
- potted several tomato, herb, and pepper plants on our balcony.
- finally learned how to use a pressure cooker.
- knit 1/3 of the border on my Limestone shawl.
- begun building drying racks for fleeces and neppy fibers.
- and cleared out the studio, destashing and organizing my studio.

Looks like a slow week, now that I read the list, though there's nothing "slow" about a morning outdoors with Ig, or juggling three pots on the stove while a screaming tear-streaked toddler is smashed between my legs, or bedtime book-time which involves a parade of 20+ books across my lap as a little critic declares "yes" or "no" or "again, Mommy."  I believe I've read "Goodnight Moon" three dozen times over the last week, which reminded me of a great link that a friend shared to "Goodnight Dune by Julia Yu.

Speaking of books, I'm pretty sure my next set of batts will follow a picture book theme. When I first started college, it was with the intention of pursuing illustration as a career. I changed my mind after two semesters, but have recently started digging through my giant stacks of children's books and finding a fresh and unexpected set of colorways. 
My favorite children's book is "A House is a House for Me" by Mary Ann Hoberman, illustrated by Betty Fraser. (Appropriately, I found a sheepy page to share from it!)

If you're looking for a little nostalgic magic, check out the blog Vintage Kids' Books my Kid Loves, which is where I'll be browsing in search of dreamy summer colorways.

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