dye spree

Instead of having a massive single update, I've been adding new batts, rovings, and painted tops to the shop a little at a time. I have more to re-photograph and list tonight along with some quirky bumper stickers and buttons, and then the next update this coming weekend will hopefully include my Art Batts!

In preparation for the Mad Batt'r's arrival, I went on a dyeing spree: polwarth wool, superfine merino, border leicester locks, baby suri alpaca, kid mohair, blending nylon, icicle, some bfl, tencel, bamboo, bast bamboo, and even hemp! I already have a crazy stash of dyed uncarded bamboo, tencel neps, and loose soysilk staple which are all destined for the new carder.

I am also changing the spelling of RolyBatts to RollyBatts. Since Summer is traditionally my season for experimenting, it may change again. The big decision I'm facing right now is whether or not to retire my traditional style of batts- the cute little ones that I've been selling for 4+ years. If so, I'll have a line of Smooth batts (the Rollies) and the Art batts, which will be more textured and less blended. Here's the line-up of what I'm pondering:

RollyBatts: Smooth double-blended batts which may or may not color transition across the width.
TrotterBatts: Sock-recipe batts! Well blended carefully selected fibers + nylon for sock yarns.
PrarieBatts: Hand-processed fibers from farms with minimal (or possibly zero) commercial fibers.
ArtBatts: As much texture and fiber variety as the MadBatt'r tolerates. I'm still trying to think of a clever name- CrackleBatts?

Later this afternoon, I'm hoping to have a clearer idea so that I can post a few polls and dig for input. I've got some give-away fiber and other goodies that I could offer as an incentive.


  1. I'm excited for all of the new batt types that are on the horizon, but I would be very sad to see your 'traditional' batts go away for the sake of something new. Those are the reason I keep coming back to the Hobbledehoy shop.

  2. I appreciate your feedback, Kristin! I received a couple of emails saying the same thing, and will have to keep a space for the traditionals :)