a little update

To say "things have been chaotic" may be an understatement, though all is ultimately going well over here. This month, we've collectively made nearly a dozen trips to the doctors for a secession of illnesses and accidents. I alone have had the flu, then a stomach virus, then a sinus infection, and accidentally splashed bleach in my eye. Poor Ing has suffered the flu, the virus, and now a double-ear infection. I'm guessing it's the season-for-sharing, since half of Ing's classmates were out with various illnesses this month. I'm also supposing I shouldn't have co-slept with Ing when she felt terrible, but sometimes the only thing that will comfort a sad tot is a night of snuggles, and I wouldn't have changed a thing, except perhaps with the bleach incident- but that's a whole 'nother embarrassing story.

It goes without saying, not a lot of work has been happening! Ing's daycare attendance has been dismal since she's felt so poorly, and I haven't felt like spending time in the studio while feeling rotten. I had planned a Sunday update, but with only a handful of rovings, I decided to postpone instead and do absolutely nothing for several days. Resting over the weekend has helped Ing heal, and I should be on the mend by mid-week, which means a possible mid-week tiny update and a very large weekend one. I did manage to dye up an entire bump of Merino wool during the eye of the storm, and I have several fresh new colorways planned for Classic Batts, but to be perfectly honest, I'm waiting until I don't feel like such a Typhoid Mary.


brand new year

It's a brand new year and I feel so refreshed after a long vacation. I wish I wouldn't have ended vacation with the flu, but I'm learning to accept the rotten fact that this hermetic lifestyle leaves me prone to catching everything that my daughter brings home from school.

I just sent out the options for the ArtBatt January installment with the theme Cake Walk, and I'm really excited to hear back from my subscribers on which of the cakes they'd like to have batted-up.

This weekend, I'll also be working on the HobbledeCLUBs, and everything ships out on 1/9. I have capped both clubs at 10 subscribers each at any given time, so that I can not only ship within the first two weeks of each month, but so that I can also really put the extra time into making sure the Clubs are extra special. In previous years, I bit off more than I could chew with subscriptions. Never again!

My next update, originally scheduled for 1/7, will probably have to be postponed until 1/10 due to this flu-bug. I lost out on all three of my work days this week since my kiddo was ill. Most likely, it will be a small update: ClassicBatts, a handful of Rovings, a small set of ArtBatts, a few tinies, and dyed silk hankies. I realize I have postponed updates time and time again, and I can't decide whether I should just announce them on the day they're going to occur, or continue to try and plan specific dates and accept that 25% of the time, I'll have to re-schedule. Suggestions/preferences?