A lost week

Well, my Fall season was off to a great start- and then my poor kiddo came down with "hand, foot, and mouth" disease and was super grumpy/miserable/clingy. Of course, I didn't send her to school for a whole week after the diagnosis, and I believe her throat or stomach was causing her enough pain that she refused nearly an entire week's worth of naps. I doubt the diagnosis was even accurate- given the fact that she only had one tiny ulcer in her throat and her fever persisted for much longer than it should have and was freakishly high at moments. Four doctor appointments, one fun-filled day at the lab for blood draws, and two boxes of popsicles later, the poor creature appears to be healed.

Sadly, I am behind on all things woolish and have been under the weather too.

Apology emails are going out tonight and tomorrow for slowly shipped orders and special order inquiries, and tomorrow I start fresh with a few hours at my SuperCard and then a large shop update at night.