I'm really loving today already. The weather isn't too hot, I have baby tomatoes on the vines, and my kiddo slept in past 6:30 for once.

I meant to have a shop update yesterday but my photoshoot was rained out. By the time the sky cleared up momentarily, I was on my way out the door for a much needed date with my honey. So, the update will (weather permitting) take place tonight.  I've got new ArtBatts, three new RollyBatt colorways, a handful of the classic lil' batts, ArtBubs- small collections of mini ArtBatts, a fresh supply of Battlings, the three art yarns I blogged about a couple of weeks ago, and a few hand-painted Merino/Yak tops. I'll also unveil the July HobbledeCLUB theme, which at the moment, I still am waffling between two ideas. The above sounds like a large update, but really, there's just a small selection of everything.

I've been working on my first ever fleece-to-shawl project for my best friend's October wedding, using part of a Corriedale fleece that I ordered from Arvgarden.  The knitting pattern is the Haruni, and I can't wait to get started with the actual knitting stage.  Right now, I'm still tweaking the batts- blending them with some honey colored tussah silk and perhaps a bit of milk silk to get the color just right.

The wool is a bright white, and is so incredibly fluffy and clean. It washed up in a little over an hour, which is much faster than quite a few other fleeces I've worked with.  I have another fleece from Arvgarden that I'm washing this week for my upcoming PrarieBatts which will be exclusively farm wools and fibers. I'd like to try natural dyes for the PrarieBatts, but the class at the Mannings about natural dyes was filled. Maybe I'll have to spend a few evenings with online tutorials.

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