oh, anticipation!

I'm waiting on UPS and FedEx deliveries with huge plans for the day. My studio is squeaky clean and organized, my toddler is at daycare for the day, and all I need are those shipments. In the meanwhile, I think I'll package a few orders and fire up a couple of dye pots.

I took full advantage of yesterday's heat to dry the slightly damp top from my whirlwind of dye sessions. This is just a third of what I dyed- the rest (mostly wools) dried much faster.

Yesterday, I had typed about retiring my old batts.  Never fear, that's not going to happen.  I thought and thought and thought about it last night, read a few emails (and a comment) from my readers, and even did a little spinning myself. 

Yes, my little Strauch Petite is a bit of a beginner's carder, but those tiny batts are just too nice and easy to spin.  I'll probably end up lumping the little batts into a category like HobbledeClassic or something... and as soon as I can get my hands on fresh Merino (it had been on back-order through my two main suppliers all Spring), I'll start blasting out some oldies-but-goodies: Gemmies, Garden Compost batts, and fresh colorways.

On to another note, I'm working on compiling a large list of patterns for art yarns. Any suggestions?  At the moment, I'm browsing patterns requiring bulky or extra-bulky yarn that won't totally obscure the art yarn.

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