I know that the woolly season is still in full swing, but wow- my batts must have wings!  They're flying out of the shop within hours (and often minutes) of an update, as are my new hand-painted braids, hand-pulled rovings, and HobbledeCLUB Subscriptions.  I'm humbled by these recent sell-outs, and would like to know how customers would like to be notified of updates -- blog, twitter, facebook, ravelry, or newsletter?

Little Ingrid has started daycare/pre-school a couple of days a week, but so far, she's only tolerating an hour or two before going into mama-missing-meltdowns, so I'm not back to my full-time work schedule yet, but I anticipate within a month I should be.  Until then, I've been pulling late nights with the dye pots and carders, and am spending my days happily sorting puzzles, building towers, and reading board books under blanket forts.  I'm in no rush to push Iggy's transition, especially since she's barely been around other children or adults outside our family.

As far as the HobbledeCLUB goes- I've shipped the February installments, and am preparing to announce and list the March theme this week.  I'm going to be increasing the price slightly (to reflect the quality of fibery ingredients!) but that won't affect current subscribers or those who order before the price changes.

Finally, look for a slow increase in the un-dyed fibers as I increase stock and begin to build an online retail shop for spinners.  The whole shebang will probably take a year to complete, and will be a side-project to the batts and roving that I'm currently working on.  In the end, however, I'm hoping to have a very diverse selection of spinning fibers along with sampler sets, spindles, and maybe a few surprises!

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  1. I'd like to be notified by any of the listed methods except facebook. I also enjoyed having an RSS feed to your old Etsy store, so I knew when new items had been posted.

    I just finished spinning another batt set (24 karat) and loved the batts, as always!