an update on the update

Ingrid's naps have not aligned with the weather and sunshine, so I haven't had a chance yet to do a photo shoot for my next update.  I'm really hoping to get a chance tomorrow, now that I've cleared all of the surprise snow off of my balcony.

While the delay hasn't resulted in more product or productivity, it has given me a chance to brainstorm about my Spring collection of batts.  I'll be unleashing 6 repeatable colorways mid-March which will be created in MASS quantity (by me, of course).  This gives sweater/blanket/large-project spinners plenty to work with.  As usual, I'll still have one-of-a-kind random batt sets available, but by having a collection, I hope to inspire spinners who are growing tired of working with 3-5 oz. of each colorway.  Closer to the launch, I'll post sneak-peak pictures and a give-away.

I'm so excited!

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