flipping the switch

Now that time has arrived for me to go back to work full-ish time, I'm feeling groggy and out-of-the-loop.  Ig is off the waiting list and will start the toddler program at Ship. U's child care center in a couple of weeks, and I'll have three days a week to spend in the studio and over the stove, dyeing, carding,  occasionally spinning, and freshening up my website.   I'm going to miss my little one, but I'm anxious for her to have experiences with kids her own age. 

The new products I've been meaning to add for over 6 months are finally in the works:
-un-dyed wool, cellulose, and other blended tops
-hand painted and kettle-dyed tops
-a collaborative line of hand-dyed yarns, debuting late Spring.  (!!! I haven't dyed yarns for years, but this was one of my first fibery fascinations).

A small batch of novelty batts will be added this weekend, and a larger more exciting update will be unrolled in early February.


  1. Hi Liz,
    Just checking out your blog (1st time) since I found nothing in your etsy shop :o(. But I'm glad to be over here and finding about all your goings on, and it looks like you'll be back in action soon. Another shop I used apparently closed, I bought carded core wool from them. Will you be selling this? In any case, I am looking forward to having you "back"!
    x, Val

  2. Hi Val! I'm now selling at http://hobbledehoyfibers.com

    I moved off of Etsy so that I could work on building a larger fee-free inventory :)