an apology

I'm so sorry that I have been so web-ishly unorganized, updating my shop without consistent across-the-board notifications.  Until Ingrid started daycare, I was a once-a-day email checker, but now, time is slowly becoming more abundant, and I'm planning on taking the following approach to updates:

-Announcement on Ravelry of tentative upcoming updates
-Newsletter, Twitter, and Facebook Fan Page announcements approximately 20 minutes before update begins.
-Announcement of update's conclusion on shop's front page.

I'm totally flabbergasted and thrilled by the recent sell-outs of fiber, and I'm definitely learning to grow as business grows.  Thank you all for your kindness, encouragement, and patience!  March is going to be an amazing month, and I can't wait to leap into the new month with a fresh supply of time.


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