I visited my accountant today, and hoooooboy, was it confusing at first!  I'm not very organized, admittedly, when it comes to finances.  I've really really improved over the last year, however, and my taxes were at least smoother to figure out this year than last year.  It's all over now, and I'm ready to forget about it until next year.

Trevor and I also tried out Ingrid's new carrier- a Beco Butterfly II, and we all loved it! 

I'm lucky that Ingrid enjoyed it, because I don't think a stroller would work at MDS&W.  They might not even be allowed... but I don't remember.

We stopped for the ultimate treat, right before our appointment:  baklava truffles from Zoe's in Waynesboro.  I'm pretty sure nothing beats them, except perhaps Zoe's new dark chocolate covered caramels sprinkled with sea salt.  Hello, calories!  My baby gut is here to stay another day.

Oh, and for a wee pinch of fibery news- I just peeked in on the Gemmy batts spin-along and my eyes popped out of my head!  Head on over to Ravelry and take a peek :) 

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  1. I expect you'll like your BB2. We use one for my 9 month old daughter, and it would be perfect for walking around MDS&W. I'll be wearing Cori, probably in a purple wrap because strollers decidedly do NOT work at S&W, especially if it's been raining. They're allowed, but not easy to maneuver.