I'm so excited!  Events have been posted for Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival- and I'm thinking about signing up for a workshop.  I can't decide between "English Longdraw vs. American Longdraw" and "Getting it just right."

Either way, I've got to conquer my fear of spinning around other spinners first!  At Camp Pluckyfluff, I just popped Xanax until I felt just right (I was starstruck stupid by Lexi Boeger AND quite overwhelmed by the amazing spinners that showed up)... and that's not an option this year since I'm breastfeeding Ingrid.  I'm not the most technical of spinners- I have three spin "modes":  bulky, novelty, and fingering weight.  Each mode comes with a rhythm that magically creates a well-balanced yarn.  No math or treadle-counting involved.  I'm certainly not a perfectionist either, in any facet of my life, except perhaps in cleaning the kitchen, where perfectionism matters!

Well, little Ing is grouching.  She's not a morning person like I am, haha!  It takes her a full hour to stop stretching and grunting, after which she usually falls back asleep for a morning nap.  How can so much personality and persnicketyness be packed into a 10-ish lb. being?


  1. Oh, don't worry, chickadee! Remember that all the other spinners are there to learn, too, and that they'll all be focused on what they're doing. Nobody is going to be critical of your spinning, I promise. There's no one right way to spin. :)

    Have you decided on which class to take? Those are two fantabulous teachers...I bet both classes would be outstanding. Maggie touched on English longdraw and even double drafting in the Spinning II class I took with her and hooooo boy, that takes some practice! I'd really recommend taking one of her classes while she's out there. I'm taking her Multicolored Roving class ("Playing with Roving" on the MS&W list) right now and thought I might not learn anything new. Wrong! :)

  2. I'm excited, too. I go every year with my mom, but have never signed up for any workshops. I don't know if I'd want to lug my wheel there. Last year, I ended up bringing home a french angora bunny...so this year I'm only allowed to bring home non-breathing fiber. >.>

  3. Oh, I am the same way!
    My yarn is always balanced, but I don't like to pay attention to all the details!

    Also - we'll probably be there again this year! Will you have Ingrid with you?