I'm lapsing into my old habit of not posting very frequently.  Oops.  I had big plans for March, but nothing seemed to work out right- my wool order arrived two weeks late, Ingrid was a sad fussy baby, we had a roof leak in our bedroom, etc.

Each month (thankfully) feels like a fresh start, however, and April is feeling deliciously fresh.  Seriously, could this Easter Sunday be any more beautiful?  I had put together an Easter basket for Ingrid, complete with teething rings, rattles, and a new sleeper- and at the last minute, kindly decided not to make her search the house for it.  haha!  After we washed off her new toys, I hung laundry in the sunshine and we all went over to my parents' house to dye eggs and eat dinner.

I hope everyone is enjoying the weather (if they have this lovely sunny stuff that we have!)

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  1. Sounds like a lovely Easter weekend. :) The new fibers at your shop are wildly beautiful.