Two things have eaten the past few days: colic and diaper rash.  I feel so guilty that Ingrid came down with a wicked rash.  Those angry red splotches nearly spell out "bad mother," right?  Blah.  I discovered that her fleece lined cloth diapers were repelling liquid, so I "stripped" them using Dawn dish soap and Calgon water softener- and rinsed and rinsed and rinsed and rinsed (thank goodness we have well water and gobs of melting snow supplying it!).  Meanwhile, I used disposables with Desitin to heal her.

Well, the washing did help the diapers to stop repelling, but within 24 hours of putting her back in cloth, she was rashy again!  I was even changing her every two hours, on the dot.  Over the weekend, I cut up rectangles of fleece to use as liners in her cloth diapers so I can use heavy duty creams that aren't normally cloth diaper friendly, and I also ordered a couple dozen unbleached Indian prefolds and a wool cover (the only breathable cover option I've found so far... and why haven't I considered wool yet anyhow???).

They arrived today (thanks to super-quick shipping by Abby's Lane, my favorite cloth diaper source), and I've already washed and prepped the new goodies for use.  Hopefully, that helps.  If not, I'm calling the pediatrician.  And crying.

On the colic front- I tried rocking, extra burping, singing (poor child), massages, baths, and white noise.  Some methods worked... occasionally.  I feel bad for Trevor- lately, every time I hand her over to him, she starts to fuss and crane her neck around, looking for me.

Don't read this the wrong way, I love being a mum and I love my little Ing with all my heart.  I'm just feeling a lot of guilt and helplessness too.  She'll eventually outgrow the colic, I'm sure.  Her father and I both were both terribly colicky, maybe we deserve this for what we did to our parents.


  1. babies with diaper rash are so sad. but dont beat yourself up over it, it happens to us all.

    but while we are on the topic, my dear friend liz - of suzyqhomemaker, knits custom wool covers, and knows pretty much everything about cloth diapering. if you ever have any questions about it, im sure she'd be happy to give you some answers. here is her link to her custom covers if you are interested. :)


  2. Lilyunfolding- thank you so much for the link- her soakers are ADORABLE and really reasonably priced.

    I'm scheduling little Ing. for a dr. appointment since the Desitin isn't helping :( Hopefully after I get things cleared up, we can get back in cloth diapers full-time once more.