"garden compost" batts

Ever since I read Pluckyfluff's Handspun Revolution, I've hung onto little treasure-box scraps of fiber that come off the small drum of my drum-carder.  Lately, however, I've collected far more than I can ever use, and have started smushing them together, carding them into batts and bunching them into sets called "Garden compost" batts.
They're a patchwork-ish hodgepodge of color and texture, and perhaps are the craziest batts I've ever produced.  I used to use scraps to create corespun yarns, but I imagine these would be much easier to spin from.

Speaking of spinning- I've noticed that some of the Gemmy batt spin-along participants have received their fiber!  I started spinning last night, using some silver-sparkled Gemmy batts to create a very thin yarn that I hope to ply with dark plum roving and knit a sweater for Ingrid.  I'm saving a gold-sparkled set for myself- maybe for weaving on my rigid heddle loom.

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