Maryland Sheep & Wool

What a huge surprise! I just found out that:  1) a space opened up at MDS&W and 2) I was on the waiting list.  I remember blogging that I decided not to wait on the list and instead, go shopping with my toddler, but hey- this sudden twist is too exciting to turn down.  Unfortunately, this means that the Spring Batt line is once again on hold- which means I'll end up holding out for a Summer Batt line.  I had promised a give-away to go along with the launch of the repeatable batts, and still plan on doing so once Summer rolls around.

I’ll have a giant 10x15 space outdoors, and I’ve got lots of fiber to crank out before the big event. Due to the very short notice, I also have tons of fiber to order along with new dyes, a tent, better packaging, and promotional items like signage and displays.  It's overwhelming, and I was torn between shutting down the shop and saving everything I have for the festival versus having a sale to raise funds for all of these last minute expenses so I came up with a middle ground:

Everything in my shop is 10% off until Saturday morning with the code "Maryland10."  Saturday morning, I'm unlisting everything to be spun or sold at MDS&W.  This gives my fiber friends a chance to nab what they might have been eye-ing up along with an unexpected discount.  I'm hoping to clear out as much as possible so that I can start fresh with some new colorways and have less to re-package and re-label, so if you're interested in a larger purchase of $200 or more, use code Maryland15.

I usually dislike promoting large discounts because sales can devalue the countless hours of work that fiber artists put into their products, but these are unusual and unexpected circumstances.  Crazy life-twists happen to everyone, right?

HobbledeCLUB members, never fear!  Your April goodies will ship on time this weekend, and to my subscribers- the May theme will be announced tonight in my newsletter, and May shipments will go out following the festival.

I'm so excited for this opportunity!  If I would have known even a month more in advance, I wouldn't need to shut down the website temporarily, but I want to make sure that I can juggle a toddler and these last-minute preparations with as clear of a head as possible.

PS.  Here's a batt set that's getting listed tonight.  I liked the colorway so much that I carded 5 sets!  It was an original possibility for the Spring batt collection, and the name is "Thaw."

woolly hugs!


  1. Eee!! Congrats! What a great opportunity! Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly for you!

    Talia Christine

  2. Thanks, Talia! I'm super-excited :)

  3. YAYYYY! Can't wait to see you and little flower.
    xo dawn

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing you again too Dawn! Are you selling anything at the Clover Hill booth this year? I loved the batts I bought from you before.