I'm feeling really awkward and oversensitive today.  Not sure if it's the lack of sleep from late-night carding sessions, or if it's the uncomfortable reality that I know I've got a huge "social" event on the horizon.  Blah.  I know that persnicketyness exists in every industry, but for some reason, I'm starting to lose even more sleep on braids vs. chains, hand-written labels vs. typed, my decision to buy superfine Merino over Polwarth, and carding multiple batt sets vs. OOAKs.

On a happy non-paranoid note, I'm nearly finished with hand-pulled rovings.

I just need to braid and label the contents of this box, and possibly card another dozen, and then it's time to move on to BFL batts, superfine Merino batts, and painted tops.

Oh, despite the worry about braids vs. chains vs. "loping" vs. skeining the rovings pictured above- I'm still undecided.  The fiber, Merino mostly, stores so much nicer in braids, and will probably withstand being handled better at MDSW.  I'm finding a preference for chains, however, and really need to mull it over.


  1. if it helps they look awesome just like that - little balls of fluffy goodness

  2. Thanks Helena! I love the look of the balls too. It doesn't protect the fiber very well from handling, but the balls are super-cute.

  3. Hello. I'm curious - what's loping? I tend to chain because it's quick and easy. Your ball puffs look so cute though -they'd make a nice little "out of reach" display, if you have space :)

  4. Just a drive-by note to say good luck this weekend! Hobbledehoy is going to be a roaring success!! :D