rainy blustery

October may be my favorite month, but I'm surprised by how chilly it is indoors suddenly.  I'm layering Iggy up and tucking her pants in her socks to keep her legs warm, and the heaters might have to be turned on tonight.  Pre-baby, We would have toughed it out until November.  Even though Ig has never experienced illness (how weird and rare is that for a 9 monther?) I don't want to risk it.

I finished knitting that little sweatery shirt for her, but since it has little cap-sleeves, I'm now knitting a tiny shrug with some gorgeous Plucky Knitter yarn to go over it.  Next knitting project, a Gnome hat using this dear pattern from Pumpkinhaus and some handspun.

My site is nearly complete, and I'm filling in the FAQs today.  I just have to wait on a little nameserver pointing and shopping cart set-up details to be completed by my programmer, and then----- Grand Opening time!  I'm very very excited, especially over the debut of my new luxury triple-carded batts.  I'll have gobs of new fibers and new wools other than Merino coming in later this month or next month, and am looking forward to one woolly warm winter.

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