HobbledehoyFibers.com LAUNCH!

Woohoo!  It's officiallyofficial, HobbledehoyFibers.com has been green-lighted for lift-off, and there's a 10% discount available with code "  october wool  " at check-out.

Currently, there's a flat-rate shipping charge of $4 for domestic orders and $6 for international orders, but that will be eventually changed for weight based shipping.

Also, I'm launching my new fiber club- the HobbledeClub!  For details, check out December's listing:

December edition

And now, a little note on the increased prices:
I have been forced to re-evaluate my pricing scale after years of maintaining the same prices as my supplies have increased in costs.  Also, I've learned that I need to incorporate more than just the time it takes me to card an item into the price tag.  Accounting has never been one of my strengths, but recent explorations of my book-keeping records has show the necessity for a small increase in product prices.

I know that several of my customers are facing hard times, and I know what it feels like since my husband was unemployed for most of this year, so please understand that I am more than willing to card smaller batches of fiber for those on a budget, or for my felting friends which require much less fiber than spinners.  Just ask :)

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  1. hi liz. your things are gorgeous! i was lucky enough to see them in person at maryland sheep and wool and approached you (or someone) in your booth about opening a wholesale account and you said you would perhaps be interested. please contact me after you catch up on your much-needed rest at toni9399@comcast.net.
    thanks and keep up the beautiful, imaginative work!