I've guiltily been neglecting my SuperCard.  I use it to make roving and battlings, but other than that, it just sits on my desk, looking heavy and dangerous.  I always assumed I could make batts faster on my little Strauch petite, until I put that assumption up for challenge yesterday, and whoah!  I've been missing out!  It actually does require a little more time and finesse, but look at the smooth super-blended batts that it can crank out!
The batts below contain hand-dyed merino wool, blue sparkle, white soysilk, cashmere, and silk.  (I received an AMAZING package of fun fibers from TheGoodSheep and used several of them in these batts).
I just need to figure out the best way to photograph these new larger batts.  The average weight I can pack onto my Supercard is about 2.5 oz., so it would take two batts to have enough fiber for a lace weight shawl or a pair of socks.  I'm planning on carding up a huge palette of mix-and-match batts as well as slow color-transitioning batts for my new site. 

Besides carding, I've been busy with the dye pots lately, and have recently embarked on a new fibery adventure- wool neps!  I've seen them in batts before, and I love the confetti-like appearance they add to art yarns.  Here's my "Halloween" colorway (I have two other colorways that will be exclusive to my new shop).
 Speaking of Halloween, I need to get busy shopping or sewing costumes.  This will be Ingrid's first one, and perhaps the only Halloween where I have total control over what she'll be, haha!  I think she's going to be a little Yoda, if I can find or make just the right outfit.


  1. Glad you liked the goodies - those batts sure are pretty

  2. Thanks Helena! I just sent you a color transitioning one with your Gemmies this week :)

  3. Oh wow - thanks lots, am now schemeing about how to spin it.