the big switcheroo!

Finally finally!  After months of waiting for my website to be complete - I'm ready for a launch!  I'm going to have a Grand Opening this Friday, and I can hardly wait. The site will be announced that day, after a final test-run.

It's been really rough, sitting on a pile of product, unable to purchase more until the launch was underway.  I should have unleashed it on Etsy, but I kept thinking... maybe this weekend things will be ready, and then things weren't ready, so I'd optimistically think maybe next weekend.   That chain of thinking went on and on and on...  but now, for some news!

The good news:  I have a few art yarns spun up, a whole bunch of hand-carded super-gorgeous roving, and a big pile of novelty batts along with a sampling of my newer luxury batts that will be available on the new site.  I'm also starting a new subscription plan which is going to be filled with optional craft-alongs.  Also, the  new site will allow discount codes, and I'm going to unleash a sweet deal for the shop's launch.

The good for me but not for you news:  I sold a significant chunk of what I planned to put on the new site to a private buyer, so the Grand Opening isn't as super-stocked as I had planned.  But don't pout- I promise I'll crank out LOTS more over the next few weeks, and I am taking a limited amount of special requests until December 1st.

The jump up and down and shout for joy news:  Though they won't be released until closer to December, new fiber bases for batts and roving other than Merino are on their way.  Yay! 

And now, for a little preview of what's in store:

For those of you who may be wondering- yes, I will always sell on Etsy.  I love Etsy, but Hobbledehoy is going through a growth spurt this Fall/Winter.


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  1. Eep! Would kill for that carded roving! Your roving is the best! <3