Happy "Explain Yourself to Onlookers and Meet Fellow Local Spinners Day!
I signed up to spin outside of Gettysburg's David Wills House for WWSIPD, and ended up having an all around lovely experience.  While there was a tiny turn-out compared to what I expected, the few people that were there were amazing talented spinners who kept the conversation flowing, and the day whirled by too quickly.  We even got sang to by two onlookers, and a Civil War re-enacting banjo player strummed tunes for us for at least an hour.  After I ran out parking meeter moolah, I grabbed my wheel, two completed yarns, and a bag full of unspun fluff and treated myself out to lunch and a quick stroll down-town.

The only rotten part of the day:  I forgot my camera.

I'm so glad I cracked out of my agoraphobic shell for the day.  It was well worth it, and I hope to have a spinning day with new friends soon.

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