hello Fall!

My favorite season scattered crunchy leaves all over my balcony last week. The same day the leaves came, I re-discovered my comfiest maternity sweater (a huge wrap-around shawl-collared thing)  in a box of store-ables.  Yay, Fall.  And yes, I'm wearing that beast of a sweater because it's warm, because I haven't lost very much baby weight yet, and because... because .. I'm still clinging a little to those peaceful months of anticipation.

But there's still a little anticipation over here at the Hobbledehoy Barn- I'm rebuilding my business from the inside out to create what a good fiber business ought to be:  super diverse, fully stocked, lightning fast ship-capable, and above all -- fun, for both the owner and customer base.  To do that, I've got a fresh dot.com template in the works, I'm finally setting up a printer so that I can print postage and ship from home daily, and I'll slowly be incorporating new products into the works. By next year, I hope to even offer some simple free patterns.

The new stuff is the fun part, and I've already started tinkering with it:  hand-dyed bamboo "locks," tencel neps, loose soysilk staple, and silk noil.

Soon, there will be even more, including un-dyed luxury fibers such as tencel, soysilk, bamboo, bombyx silk, various wools, fine alpaca, and possibly (fingers crossed) a fresh line of multi-tonal hand-dyed yarns.  I'm also still experimenting with a line of superfine, triple-carded batts containing merino wool + luxury fibers destined for socks and lacy knits.

Hobbledehoy has outgrown it's infancy and childhood on Etsy, and though I will always maintain a limited stock there, a "room" of its own is long overdue.

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  1. I'm so happy you're moving on to your own website and expanding! Great news. I'm sure all of your customers share in the anticipation. :))