rainbow connection

So, it looks like there's plenty of interest in a spin-along!  I spent all of yesterday afternoon carding Gemmy batts- and I carded so much that I ran out of silver sparkle!  I ordered more, but if this batch sells out, I'll start carding some with gold until my new chunk of silver arrives.  Personally, I prefer gold because I love to wear brass and gold antique jewelry, but I don't know what other spinners like!

My favorite thing about Gemmy batts is how I can grab from EVERY color in my stash- even the odd ones like medium raspberry, peach, and mottled bottle green-  and the batts turn out gorgeous!  I plan on saving a couple sets for myself for a plied yarn and an artsy yarn.  Or, perhaps I could spin a giant two-ply yarn for a baby surprise jacket for Ingrid to wear at Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.

 My update might have to be postponed until tomorrow due to the windy snow (I take photos outside), but I'll post on Ravelry when I begin my update.

Poor Ingrid was very very colicky last night until it was time for her Zantac.  It breaks my heart when she cries until tears stream down her face.  I wish little babies didn't suffer from such bad tummy pains.  I'm just grateful that her daddy is able to calm her when she's feeling glum- it sure helps to give me a break!

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  1. Every time I see your batts I feel the need to learn to spin. I can see why they're so popular. :)