a day oot and aboot.

Sunday is "family day," which usually translates into "stay-in-bed-until-lunch" day or "do absolutely nothing" day.  I was a little more productive than normal, but not by much.  In the morning, I snuggled in bed with Ingrid and folded paper cranes for my studio since she tends to stare at the ceiling while I'm working, and it's too nippy to turn on the fan.
Then, noticing that the weather was deliciously warm, Trevor took Ingrid and me out on a surprise date- out for lunch and a little shopping.  Back at home, I spent time working on little promos to send out with orders- magnets, buttons, and wee bits of fun fibers.  In the far far past, I always sent freebies, but then I stopped after I learned through the Etsy forums that many shoppers dislike anything extra with their orders.  The only reason I'm starting up with freebies again is because I'm a hoarder, and I love to save little bits and scraps of fibers for novelty yarns, and I imagine many of customers do the same. 

Here I am now, snuggled in bed with Queenie Colic, listening to her grunt and fart and belch and occasionally giggle.  I rocked her for over an hour while she screamed, and I think her eyelids are finally drooping for a couple hours of sleep.


  1. I always like getting extras with my Etsy orders. It's a fun surprise to see what the seller thinks to include with the order.

  2. I'm so glad to see you back! I missed you at your old blog! I'm so glad Ingrid is doing well, and that you and T are as well :)I had started to worry about you guys, but those worries are now assuaged :D

  3. it's good to "hear" from you again (i didn't know you had a new blog). my 2 children were both colicky so i know how hard it is for you (the thought that there's so little you can do to help your baby). every new thing she learns and discovers on her own (ie her feet, her hands) helps her to be distracted for a few moments. the "jolly jumper" was great as soon as they could support their heads - the upright position and the jumping seemed to work the gas out. and having the help of your parents so you can get away and remember who you were before is so important. and it passes...

  4. :) Thanks all!

    Island Sweet- I try holding her in my moby wrap upright when she's colicky and I need to get work done. Sometimes that helps, but she mostly barfs down my shirt- haha! Ah well, I'm sure it will eventually pass.

  5. i LOVE getting extras in my fiber orders!
    welcome back! i just spun some of your fiber into supercoils a few days ago, and was thinking of you and your new little one.