dye day

Good mornin'! 

Today is "Dye day!"  I only do this once or twice a month, since set-up and clean-up are so time consuming.  I've got about 20 lbs. left on my Merino bump that need dyed, and if I can locate some soda ash in this tiny town, I'll dye 5 lbs. of bamboo too.  I've recently started making lists of colors to dye, but for the past three years- it was all totally random.

My top dye goals today are (I use Jacquard acid dyes):
  • deep indigo (purple + navy + a wee hint of black)
  • gold (sunshine yellow + a pinch of brown)
  • burgundy
  • mint (tiny sprinkle of spruce and perhaps a tinier sprinkle of yellow)
  • fuchsia
 Do you have any favorite dye recipes?  I tend to add little pinches of brown to colors to decrease intensity.  Burnt Orange (which comes out pretty bright), lilac, and blue benefit from a bit of brown.

Since it's winter- I'll have to let the wool dry indoors, which means I have a couple of days to spin leisurely.  Thank goodness I splurged on this delicious LOST-inspired "Smoke Monster" batt from Esther of Jazzturtle!
It's a million shades of gray with hints of black and is oh-so-loaded with luxury fibers.  I can't recommend her shop highly enough for top-notch luxurious spinning fiber.   I occasionally trade with Esther, and ever batt I've ever received has been an exciting thrill.

Well, I'm off- first to the post office, and then home to the dye pots.


  1. I am soooo bad about writing down dye recipes. Wait, scratch that, I'm good at writing them down and also good at losing the scraps of paper I use when I'm dying. I get these gorgeous colors and then forget how I got there.

    I suppose that keeps me on my toes. No two dye jobs are ever the same.

    Love the new blog look!

  2. HI Liz-girl! Love the new blog, I just updated you on my blogroll. Me, I am a pincher and pour-er, and all around mad scientist. I sometimes sit down with some general schemes I want to be able to spin up-- and the dyeing follows that and then goes all crazy from there! :)looking forward to the spoils of your day!