hello again

I re-read my blog to realize I never posted what happened with my lovely Tour de Fleece yarns- I accidentally sent them through an agitation cycle in my washer.

insert panic.
delete sanity.
insert long bubble bath and many tears.
re-install sanity.

Now, I have beautiful felted art yarns that just need untangled and felted slightly more for a smoother appearance. They're destined to become either pillows for my tot's bed, or a giant silly plushie. It's going to be a great gift, and I promise I'll post pictures, once I have the courage to look at them and detangle.

Right after the close of the Tour de Fleece, T. and I went on a lovely anniversary get-away. It will be our 5th wedding anniversary tomorrow, and we celebrated a little early due to his work schedule, but the time away was divine. We went to Philly and visited the Mutter Museum, walked ALL OVER City Center, ate too many Chinese pastries, ate at Alma de Cuba, ate at Le Bec-Fin, and ate ate ate some more. You can tell we're rural folk by how we plotted our course around the city by cuisines we wanted to try but can't get anywhere near our home.You can also tell we're rural folk by the fact that we both confessed to one another while in the city that we had never before been to a Trader Joe's or Whole Foods or a Vegetarian restaurant (there aren't any nearby- just farmer's stands and "u-pick" farms). T also got us free tickets to see a Jolie Holland show at The World Cafe, which was really wonderful (what a cozy venue!)

We returned way too soon to our normal lives.

Tomorrow, I'll be carding lots of one of a kind Classic Batt sets for the shop, and possibly some other lovelies will be in the works. My production level has been low this summer, ever since Lump downgraded to half-days at the daycare. While I look forward to her return to part-time full days next month and more time with the carders and dye pots, I'll miss our lazy summer together: reading in the hot shade, visiting the kiddie pool before naps, picking mean ol' horn worms off my tomato plants and giving them to the little boys next door, summer music class at the local music academy, and bowls of freshly picked and frozen blueberries. This age/stage of hers is my favorite, despite signs that the terrible two's approach.

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