End of Summer

Cool days like today give me hope that the scorching parts of summer are fading. After carding for a few hours this morning, I canned a batch of heirloom tomatoes and started plotting out my Fall plans for the shop while listening to the silly pops of sealing jars.

I feel like I'm always blogging or pondering price increases due to rising product costs as well as better ways to manage my time, and after researching the market, I realize I need another small slide up the scale. Strangely enough, the product I have priced the highest has been ArtBatts- and they take the least amount of time (though can contain the highest amount of fancy ingredients, depending on the individual batt). Taking into account both fiber content and time spent producing different product types, I realize they should all be priced about the same, give or take a few cents instead of quarters. To simplify, I'm going to make everything across the board (all batts and dizzed roving) $7/oz with the exception of Gemmies, which will be $6/oz since they're just merino and angelina. Roving has started the price change, but I'll change the rest of the prices after an End of Summer Sale this weekend. The specific 24 hour time frame of the sale will be revealed on Friday- but it will be a 24 hour 20% off mad-dash.

I really need to build shelving in the studio, and this sale will hopefully give me the room to work/reorganize/destash. The sale will have a code that is valid both on the main site and in the Etsy shop. BEFORE the update, new product will be added at the new price of $7/oz, but the current product prices won't change until after the sale.

Good news for Classic Batt lovers: there will be GOBS of Classic batt sets, weighing anywhere between 2 - 6 oz. I've also got a dozen new rovings, three new RollyBatt colorways, and dozen ArtBatts at the moment- ready to be listed this weekend.

Watch out for a newsletter soon :)

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