Holysmokes, the batts from my shop update last night flew the coop!  Half are packaged, and the other half are destined to be tucked into mailers this morning.  There are still a few sets left, as well as a pretty selection of hand-pulled rovings.  Here's my favorites:
Cherry Soda batts

Cliffs of Dover roving

Today, I'm polishing off the March HobbledeCLUBs, shipping orders, and ordering dyes.  It's time to start ordering my favorite colors by the pound.

Also in the works:  repeatable batt colorways!  My Spring line of 6 repeatable batt colorways will debut mid-late March, and I'm planning on carding gobs of each colorway in advance so that they ship immediately.  Around the same time, I'll be transitioning Gemmy batts from "made-to-order" to "in-stock."  They're still a hot seller, over a year after I first began carding them.  I estimate that I've carded over 1000 individual Gemmies!

This weekend, weather and toddler permitting, I'll be adding new hand-painted braids to the shop using the following bases:  BFL/silk, Merino/tencel, and Merino/bamboo.  Until then, happy spinning/felting/knitting, everyone!

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