yarn ball ornament tutorial

Here's a quickie gift and/or project for a snow day:

You need:
-Styrofoam balls (I used size 1.5" since my tree is tiny)
-Scrap yarn
-Tacky Glue
-Needle and thread.

Spread a thin layer of Tacky glue all over the styrofoam ball.  Wrap yarn around until the ball is invisible, and finish it off by attaching thread.  Tadaa!  If you select itty bitty styrophoam balls, little tooth picks could be inserted as "faux needles," or you could just sharpen thin dowel rods into needles as well.

Oh yes, that's silver fun fur used as "tinsel."  How else am I going to use all of that random pesky fun fur up? By the way, fun fur makes some pretty adorable fuzzy ornaments, especially if you have it in metallic colors.  I was gifted a bag full of that stuff and never knew what to do with it until now.

PS.  I've got to give a shout-out to my best friend Barbara who brought this project possibility to my attention. Definitely check-out her amazing embroidery.

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