This weekend's packages have been stuffed and shipped, Thanksgiving feast has been nibbled and re-heated into oblivion, and this new rainy week has me busy indoors with carding December HobbledeClubs, Gemmy batts, and fresh novelty batts for a shop update over the weekend.

I had the lucky opportunity over the holiday weekend to re-connect with a childhood friend (military brats- you know how rare that chance can be!)  She and her daughter stayed at my parents house a few miles away, so I spent most of the weekend visiting, cooking, shopping, and trying to keep Ingrid from over-loving my parents' skittish cats.  Thankfully, the weather has been decent, so I've been dragging Ig outside frequently to burn off energy and stave off cabin fever.

Next week- the little one celebrates her first birthday!  I'm making her a kittycat cake and have already ordered (and received) cat decorations, since she seems to be a budding cat-lady.  We're keeping the party small - just grandparents and my sister.  I can't believe it's been nearly year since I brought a teenytiny 5 lb. bundle home from the hospital (actually, that anniversary is Christmas Eve, since preemie Ig spent two weeks in the hospital after she was born).

Well, stay tuned for another post announcing that the update has happened.  I'm through with planning specific dates for updates, since motherhood has taught me to expect the unexpected and to keep plans absurdly flexible.

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