give-away / goal!

I can't believe I'm nearly at 3000 sales in my Etsy shop!  I know if I tallied my off-Etsy special orders to the mix, I'd be well over that figure, but hitting 3000 on Etsy alone will be super-exciting.  Unfortuantely, I don't have much stock at the moment, so I'm doing two things to help nudge me over the edge this month. 

1.  Give-away!  FIVE lucky shoppers (from 4/15-4/21) will receive a free surprise batt in their order, and ONE extra-lucky shopper will receive a 4-month Batt Club subscription!  All you need to do in order to enter this give-away is type "batty" in the message-to-seller box at check-out.  The reason I'm having anyone type anything at all is because some people don't care for extras in their orders.

2.  I'm having a wee update tonight.  Sadly, I don't have too much new to post, but there are quite a few one-of-a-kind batt sets, which adds a bit of excitement to the shop.  I love drumming unique sets- it gives me a chance to experiment with color and texture without committing a whopping 12+ oz. to a multiple-quantity listing. 

here's a few of the sets:
While I'm not counting on it, it would be really swell to hit my goal of 3000 sales by my birthday (which is tomorrow). 

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  1. Gorgeous batts! Wish I had the cash to take a few off your hands.