Everything's packed tight around here right now from my dyed fiber stash to my expanding waistline! I spent yesterday with my dye pots and realized how uncomfortably far away the sink suddenly felt as I pressed up against it to rinse out my dyed wool. Now that my series of summery adventures are over, concluding with SpinQuest last weekend, I'm really feeling the need to buckle down and make the most of my Fall.

I'm wearing the grey dress, running out of lap-room!

I entered the third trimester last week, or maybe the week before.. and the count-down to BabyTime suddenly feels very short, especially in light of all of the pre-Winter fiber prep I need to accomplish to prepare for both Maryland Sheep and Wool and the busy winter months following maternity leave. Fortunately yesterday's dye session was extra successful and I now have 20 lbs. of freshly dyed Merino + assorted fibers such as tencel and faux cashmere to keep me busy for the next week!

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