Vacationing: Yarnival + the beach!

I'm in between two exciting trips right now, home from the Yarnival in Placerville, CA and now on my way to the beach in Ocean City, MD for a week. Traveling is rare for me, so this summer is a real treat!

The Yarnival was a smorgasbord of inspiration and my usual post-MDS&W burnout evaporated quickly once I slipped off the plane into a wickedly good zone of zero responsibilities. I spent the next 5 days soaking up good conversation, too much sun, and a variety of goods from fellow fiber artists that I've been anxious to meet for years. Lucky me, I came home with a Girl with a Hook hat (one of my goal purchases for the trip), a skein of handspun and a pair of earrings from Neauveau Fiber Arts, a gorgeous handspun lariat from Rose Nectar Fibre Couture, fiber from Oscar and Sophia, and batts and locks from Jazzturtle (Esther and I shared a booth). The highlight of my trip was definitely chatting with everyone. Oh, and the river. I could never forget how good that river felt on my swollen pregnant-lady cankles!

 I came home to a feverish tot and spent the next week doling out snuggles and antibiotics and catching up on terrible children's movies.

Once poor Ingrid was able to attend school again, I got back to work and cranked out two small updates. My favorite colorway came out of this set of ClassicBatts named Bottled Sunshine.

I believe these two updates were among my fastest-selling, there's barely anything left in the ol' shop, and I'm about to run out to the Post Office for my second-to-last trip before my Beach vacation. If you've got your eyes set on anything, nab it quick before I shut down the shop tonight! I've got time for one more PO run tomorrow morning before I pack up my tot and head for the beach with my family.

This second baby, it's a BOY! I know I've posted just about everywhere else so I'm sure it's old news. I'm just excited that I'll have a chance to try something different, and that our little family will be complete with one of each. We're naming him Ira.

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