so sari

FINALLY. I've gotten my hands on a larger portion of pulled sari silk. I'm going to start importing it next month because I don't think I can keep on chugging along without an occasional rainbow-sprinkled ArtBatt. I listed a few items in my shop last night with the fabulous stuff in it, and most of it sold right away!

Here's an example of that fabulous stuff in action:
"Magician" ArtBatt

And here's how it blends when run through my Strauch Petite twice:

"Good Fortune" classic batts
 I only spun a tiny sample of the stuff so far, though I've got a large box of dyed merino top which is just waiting to get blended with a little bit of tussah silk, sari silk, and milk fiber.

I'm also working on incorporating more hand-processed fleeces into my ArtBatts. I'm very very very  picky when it comes to farm wools, not that I expect perfection, but I've been super-disappointed in the past by breaking fibers, dandruff, or excessive VM in bargain fleeces. I invested in a really sweet Corriedale fleece last week and am ordering Cormo this weekend from a poor ewe who was attacked and needed funds raised for vet bills, so hopefully some super-fluffy-crimpy batts will be in the works!

Oh, I've got an offer for Free Shipping available in my Etsy store. Take a peek if you've got room in the stash ;)

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