If anybody regularly reads my irregular blog, they should know I'm not too much of a braggy person. I think my batts are swell, but I also think that other sellers have terrific batts.

HOWEVER.. This batch of ArtBatts really is crazy awesome. There are 20 of them, all dazzling and twinkling and taunting me! There were 25, but I had to keep an armload of gold/yellow ones.

I've also got 4 new colorways of RollyBatts to rolly on out- some are similar to ones I've done in the past, maybe with different fibers or color orders though.

I dyed up about 35lbs. of assorted fibers for the batts including merino top, cormo fleece, corriedale fleece, baby suri alpaca, bamboo, tencel, tussah silk, tussah silk noil, loose bamboo, soysilk staple, banana silk, milk fiber (my current favorite!) and glitz.  Here's a wee sample of all that, mostly this pic shows tencel top and silk noil.

So here's the details:

BATTY UPDATE: Tomorrow (Saturday) November 19th, starting at 9pm: RollyBatts, ArtBatts, Classic Batts, and several sets of Garden Compost batts. See you there!

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