I always dread blogging after forgetting to do it for weeks. I think I got lost in the endless rainy days and a lingering ear and sinus infection (seriously, who still gets middle ear infections at my age?).

To be honest, there's not much to catch up on. I finished knitting the Haruni wedding shawl for my best friend (pics coming after I give it to her!), I've been working through a fun list of special orders, and I've been drumming drumming drumming, late into the night. I've really enjoyed working with more texture thanks to the Mad Batt'r, and have definitely fallen in love with lovely loose uncarded bamboo fluff.

Recently, I started spinning again! After the great felting disaster earlier this summer, I haven't wanted to touch my wheels. Thanks to a great queue of Netfix instant crap and a super supportive husband who urged me to try something artsy in order to get out of a funk (caused by rain and the eternal ear infection). I've now got 9 gorgeous new yarns to list, as soon as I can stay up past 9pm without face-planting into my keyboard.

I forgot to mention- my sweet toddler wakes up regularly at 4am! Oh woe! I'd be more frustrated, but our early mornings together are priceless. There's nothing sweeter than snuggling with a nearly two year old and discussing the differences between horses and ponies and then making blueberry pancakes together before the sun even rises. These poor sleeping habits however have sapped my usual work time of late nights, so I've been a little slow at a few things, especially planning updates.

So, there's a super-large update planned for tomorrow! It was postponed twice, but now is cemented. I'm starting tomorrow night and will continue it Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon if necessary. You can expect to find new ArtBatts, Rovings, ClassicBatts, RollyBatts, Tinies, and handspun!

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