Dear friends and customers and fiber-stalkers,
I have a few big announcements to make regarding changes to my business :)

1. I'm moving back to Etsy. I've enjoyed selling off of my own dot.com for a full year, but I've found that the changes Etsy has made to the listing process, order histories, conversation organizing, and tracking information are well worth the switch. Sure, I could implement them into my own site, but Etsy's large and growing customer base and glitch-free shopping carts are well worth the fees.

2. HobbledehoyFibers.com will still exist! It will morph into a portal for all things Hobbledehoy: news and events, customer creations (finally!), pattern suggestions, and a better integrated blog. These changes may take a while, so I'll update my customer base on the time line after I discuss my proposed changes with my programmer.

3. All shipping will include tracking. This is another change I've been meaning to do for a while, but Etsy's changes have made it much easier to keep organized, which has motivated me to make this change. Most of my long term customers know that I love to hand-write addresses on packages. I don't know why, but I get giddy cracking out my sharpie and hand-scrawling your names and addresses. It makes me feel more connected to you. Closer. More familiar. Friendlier. I realize, however, that it is much nicer for the customer (and me!) to know exactly where the package is, and when it has reached its destination-  so within a week, I will have made a full changeover to printed addresses and tracking OR hand-written packages and tracking manually entered into your Etsy order receipts.

4. A new return policy will be in effect. There has been a new buzz of conversation in fibery circles online about industry standards, and the main message that I have taken out of the discussion is that I am responsible for continually increasing the quality of my product as well as my knowledge of how best to use whatever products I create. Also, I have seen that through this discussion, many buyers have come forth claiming to be unsatisfied with fiber or handspun that they have received (though none name the sources). I hope that every customer is satisfied with what they receive from me, and so whether or not you begin spinning or swatching your fiber or yarn from me, you are still eligible for a refund if you are dissatisfied. Yes, the item may not be in its original condition, but if I have misrepresented what my product is or you are simply unsatisfied with the what you receive, I hope you feel comfortable contacting me so that I may resolve the issue for you satisfactorily. I have only ever received one return in the 5+ years I have been selling (the colors for a custom order needed tweaked), and the risk of losing useable product through returns is well worth gaining consumer confidence. I am not enacting any time period for returns, but it would be nice if I were notified as soon as reasonably possible.

I am excited about these changes! I know that many fiber artists aspire to jump off of Etsy onto their own sites, and I think it's a grand idea if they're going to spend the time and money using ad campaigns to maintain site visibility. I would be more than happy to share tips with anyone thinking about branching off onto their own dot.com. For me and my little corner of the wooly universe, however, Etsy's looking mighty cozy, and man of the features on their website are difficult to implement for someone who is programming impaired like myself.

ps. Shop update tonight, starting soon!


  1. it's been a very hobbledehoy day...i've been spinning up "peanut butter" today, received my latest order, and here comes a your big announcement & shop update. i'll look forward to the pattern suggestions & having one place to shop. good luck with your switcheroo!

  2. Thank you! It's going to be a lot less to juggle! Hopefully that translates to more creativity in the studio! :)