dusting off the dye pots!

I haven't dyed in months. It's too awkward to dye when large and pregnant, so I avoided it for the bulk of my 3rd trimester, but today, I had a hankering for some color and a brand new bump of wool arrived a week ago. My mom came over to snuggle the baby and I used every burner on the stove + 3 electric burners and blazed through a full 22 lb. bump of Merino and about 5 lbs. of BFL in four hours.

Just last week, we celebrated my toddler's 3rd birthday, and I'm sure her gift has nudged me back into feeling artsy. We bought her an easel, and I could wallpaper the house with a weekend's worth of toddler art. Love love love.

Even though my little babe sleeps a lot, he's started to wake more during the night, so I'm imagining an hour of carding each day will be just enough to give me some me-time with my favorite wooly activity without making me go loopier than I already am. I haven't knit a single stitch, and my wheel has been inactive. All I want to do is cuddle the baby, play with my dinosaur-princess-toddler, and keep the house from spiraling into chaos.. and now, card! I can't believe how anxious I am to get into a new routine, and how easy it is to manage sleep deprivation the second time around.

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