Less than 6 weeks to go until I hit my due date, not that it means anything is going to happen on November 15th, but I'm imagining/fantasizing/hoping that this little bub will arrive that week!

I've been slowing down.

I'm finally accepting that cranking batts out at full-speed is a thing of the 2nd trimester past and have resigned myself to working at 50% capacity until little Ira is born, and then I'll take a nice maternity leave until I just can't stay away any longer, and will start back up with whatever bits of time I can find. I remember carding during Ing's newborn naps, so I anticipate that a similar schedule will resume before the new year. Even though I'd like to start up again soon, I'm giving myself a little bit of extra time, because after all, I've got a toddler to juggle and transition through this life-changing event too!

I'm wickedly honored to share that I was featured in Spin Artiste last week. I'm a huge fan of reading Arlene's interviews with fiber artists that I admire, so to be interviewed myself was a huge thrill! I was originally going to delete the code after the weekend of the interview, but I think I'll leave it up for a few more days ;) I've also reduced shipping to very low flat-rate charges for the remainder of this month.. or should I say, the remainder of my pre-maternity leave time! I honestly don't know whether I'll make it out of this month without a baby.

On a final note, I actually finished a complete project - a handspun woven blanket for my sweet toddler.

She's in love with it, and sleeps with it every night! Her reaction to the blanket is more exciting to me than actually finishing something. I should get started knitting something for little babe, but that might have to wait until here's here and snoozing in my arms.


  1. That blanket is gorgeous!! I am new to the fiber arts. My love for crochet got me into it and I just spend my first week with a spinning wheel. I LOVE IT!! Now you have me really thinking about weaving. Such a gorgeous blanket. And I found you through that article on Spin Artiste!

    Congratulations on your new addition coming soon!



    1. Hi Elizabeth! Weaving is really addictive, just like spinning! This blanket only took about 8 hours to whip up, including warp time! Happy spinning!

    2. Wow! That is less time than it takes me to crochet up a blanket. I would love to know the details of how you made it. What equipment you used, etc... Did you spin the yarn yourself? That sounds so wonderful to me...picking fleece from my local farms, preparing and dyeing it, then spinning it and then weaving it into a blanket....HEAVEN!

    3. (sorry for the slow reply!) I spun the yarn myself, so most of it was bulky, very bulky, or at the very thinnest, heavy worsted. I used a 32" Kromski Rigid Heddle and a variety of fiber, some from batts, some from undyed top that I dyed afterwards, and some from a soft corriedale fleece I bought from a farm upstate. Fast projects = instant satisfaction!