Spring reflection

This Spring has been such an exciting and dizzying blend of personal and business activity that I can't help but feel reflective now that I'm in the midst of my last week of Festival preparations *and* am preparing to leave this rocky first trimester behind. I turned 29 this month, and there's nothing like birthdays to make you think about what you have and haven't accomplished, and overall, I'm surprised that I'll be leaving this decade with several life goals under my belt including a completed family and a rare opportunity to make a living off of doing something I love.

After several unsuccessful months of infertility treatments, I had convinced myself that it was time to give up on the thought of a 2nd child and pursue graduate school instead - I think I've been hoping for an opportunity to go back to school ever since I graduated - but when we found out the exciting news this Spring that I was expecting, I quickly recalculated those plans so that I could be at home as much as possible for my two kids while still having a chance to work - something that's very very important to me. I love working, and I don't feel like a bad mother for saying that I need to work, full-time even. With a mixture of late night shifts with my carders and part-time daycare, I've got a good flexible schedule for batt-blasting and dyeing and mothering. I hope to continue this routine and schedule until both children enter school - and at that time I guess I'll have a brand new stack of options to explore - maybe I'll have a chance to try out the more artistic side of the fiber arts, or maybe I'll expand and take on a partner.

For now, I'm just feeling very fortunate to be able to play with color and texture all day long - and to have such a encouraging and enthusiastic group of customers and fiber co-workers. I'm also lucky that I've got no one to call off to when the morning sickness hits hard. (I've totally spent the equivalent of 2 work weeks hugging the toilet or trying desperate natural remedies for nausea). I had two nauseous evenings while pregnant with Ingrid and that was it - this is so unexpected!

As for the festival - I'm just a few days away from being 100% ready! I'm throwing a small shop update tonight, mainly to raise money for gas and travel, and then I'm certain I'll return with dozens of beautiful batts to share in my shop. Here's one that I'll be listing tonight, "Geode."

A final note - updates should resume as normal, about every 1-2 weeks, following the festival. We'll be moving across town out of the HobbledeBarn that I love in May or June, but a 3rd floor apartment isn't necessarily ideal for juggling a newborn, a clumsy toddler, and groceries. Also, winter is just too expensive in this place - you don't want to know what it costs to heat a three floor loosely-insulated / mostly-empty barn. Exact moving plans haven't been cemented yet, but I'll have a new basement studio, and while I'll miss the great views from my current studio overlooking corn fields, I'll still have a place for all of this fluff!


  1. Congratulations on your second child! I hope your pregnancy goes without a hitch! May I just say, that I absolutely admire your patience and honesty in regards to yourself. I am 22 years old. I am definitely at that point where I'm trying to make my way through school so that I can provide for the family I want to have. I admire you because I cannot imagine myself having the patience to push through a difficult time like that. I know I would because I want it so bad, but you have such a positivity about your situation and I think I would succumb to my negativity.

    Had you proceeded onto school or had another child, everything happens for a reason and for good reason! Congratulations again! I'm glad your wish was granted.

  2. littlegingerknits - sometimes I worry I'm being too honest or personal on my blog, so I'm glad you enjoyed and appreciated the post! We've definitely had some really difficult moments as a family lately, my husband has been unemployed or under-employed for several years now and has had to work multiple terrible jobs just to stay afloat. I wanted to go straight through grad school after my undergrad but it just wasn't in the cards financially, and my business was just taking off during my senior year of college - so I took a risk when our life was more stable and it paid off for when the stability dropped out from underneath us. Now I feel like I can straddle both worlds - motherhood and a career, and I still feel young enough to jump into something new should the opportunity arise.