oh baby!

Ok, I can finally comfortably announce that I've been out of sorts and not updating my shop as frequently because I'm pregnant with our second child! I'm very excited, but this pregnancy has knocked me out with morning sickness, and I've been a bit of an emotional wreck over the combination of MDSW plans and trying to get organized for a potential move within the next two months.

I've been sitting on a  small update for a week now, and I'm hoping to have a chance to list some of it mid-day tomorrow. I've been anxious to have a European-time-friendly shop update, but I cannot organize it mid-day no matter how hard I try! It looks like I'll just have to pre-draft listings the night before in the future for those updates, which I hope to do once a month or every other month.

Our second baby is due in November, the busiest month of my woolyworkin' year, so I'm hoping to get plenty carded ahead of time so that I can stock up my shop for the months I'll be on maternity leave. That means full-time fiber-blasting this summer, if I can refrain from turning green over the scent of wool. :)  We're really feeling excited over this - the age gap between Ingrid and Baby Next will be about 3 years on the dot, and I hope that they can grow up with a comfortable companionship with one another.. eventually.


  1. yeeee!!!!!!!!!
    that's so exciting :)

    can't wait to meet you for realz at MDSW and scoop up some pretties.

  2. oh, happiness to you! (and a settled stomach!)